January 2011

The Meaning of Must

There is a human tendency to think of life as a grand abstraction rather than as a set of objectives to be completed in definite hours. In her book, 168 Hours, Laura Vanderkam suggests:

If you want to be a writer, you must dedicate hours to putting words on a page…
To be a mindful parent, you must spend time with your child….
If you want to sing well in a functioning chorus, you must show up for rehearsals…
If you want to be healthy, you must exercise…

Setting Up A Home School Room

Over the years, I have learned some essentials to successfully setting up an efficient and peaceful home schoolroom.  When I initially started homeschooling my oldest daughter, we worked on the dining room table and I read to her on the sofa.  Next, after I was fully schooling two and then three children, we built a separate schoolroom adjacent to our garage.  We then moved to a different house and I schooled in one of the front rooms.  It didn't have a door but it was a separate room.  We have since converted our 3rd car garage stall into a very nice schoolroom.  This is where we currently

Liberty or License

The anarchist, the man who claims to live without rule, to be a law unto himself, is in reality the slave to certain illogical formulae, … In like manner, the mother does not always perceive that, when she gives her child leave to do things forbidden, to sit up half an hour beyond his bed-time, not to do geography or Latin because he hates that subject, to have a second or third helping because he likes the pudding, she is taking from the child the wide liberty of impersonal law and imposing upon him her own ordering, which is, in the last resort, the child