February 2011

The Books We Read

I am convinced now more than ever that the books we read are of utmost importance and the choosing of texts for our children, and ourselves, is a task to be done with great care.  Miss Mason talks about the importance of the books we read and how the mind, as a living organism, is fed entirely on the ideas from well-chosen texts.  It is these ideas from our books that shape us and grow us into who we are.

Is Tough Parenting the Answer?

In the January 20 edition of Time Magazine, there appeared an article asking this question. The article is a response to Amy Chua’s new book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. Time’s article, and presumably the book, leave one wondering: Is it good parenting to forbid your daughter’s attendance at slumber parties, to forbid computer games, and to make her sit at a piano for five plus hours (until she gets it right)?

The Authority of Parents and Teachers

Authority is neither harsh nor indulgent. She is gentle and easy to be entreated in all matters immaterial, just because she is immovable in matters of real importance; for these, there is always a fixed principle. It does not, for example, rest with parents and teachers to dally with questions affecting either the health or the duty of their children. They have no authority to allow to children indulgences––in too many sweetmeats, for example––or in habits which are prejudicial to health; nor to let them off from any plain duty of obedience, courtesy, reverence, or work.