July 2011


One of the most frequently asked questions about homeschooling is, “What about socialization?”  More often then not, I have seen homeschoolers shrug or laugh off this question.  After 6 years of homeschooling my own children and being around other homeschooled children, I think parents ought to give more consideration to this question.  Obviously, we don’t want the bad influences on our children that peers can bring, but we must recognize that there are good influences that come with peers too.  A few to mention are confidence, open-mindedness, acceptance of others, ability to handle themse

Why Socialize?

Parents may ask why they need to put forth the effort to socialize their child since they interact with siblings and parents on a regular basis.  I would say that those relationships, although probably the most significant and lasting, are limiting.  And unless you have an unusually large family, there is a limited social network available.  Broadening your child’s sphere of persons will only help them to develop the social ‘habits’ of self-control, listening, attention, empathy, submission, truthfulness and affirmation as well as the necessary social skills of friendship making, healthy as