Starting an Ambleside School

If you are interested in establishing an Ambleside school in your community, Ambleside Schools International is available to help.

Initial Steps to Start an Ambleside School

  1. Watch the 21 Videos available on our website.
  2. Download and review "ASI Member Services, Minimum Requirements and Fees" for detailed description of requirements for becoming an ASI school.
  3. Attend an Ambleside Internship. This gives you an opportunity to further understand Charlotte Mason’s educational philosophy and to see an Ambleside school in action. It is important to bring as many interested people as possible, so they can also see your vision in action.
  4. At the Internship, let ASI know of your interest in starting a school. We will establish a time to talk with an Ambleside staff member and discuss next steps.
  5. Start an Ambleside study group consisting of a core group of persons who meet and pray regularly and who use this study to better understand and explore Charlotte Mason's philosophy of education.
  6. Assess your group’s level of commitment. Do members have time, energy, and resources necessary to start a local Ambleside school?
  7. Contact our director to arrange a personal visit if your core group would like to proceed. ASI staff will come to speak to your group specifically about how to become an Ambleside School.
  8. Then, we will establish a formal contractual arrangement and directly help you by providing all the necessary support, training, and resources to help you realize your dream of an Ambleside School.

Starting an Ambleside School from Ambleside Schools International on Vimeo.


As a non-profit organization, ASI seeks to maximize its service, not its profit. However, charging reasonable fees for service is essential to accomplishing the ASI mission. For more information, please contact us