Ambleside Homeschool Mentor Program

The Ambleside Homeschool Mentor Program is an opportunity for home educators who are desiring a Charlotte Mason, philosophy-based education for their children, to become part of cohesive educational support group which provides curriculum, teaching resources, training, guidance, and encouragement for the homeschool family. This format offers the unique combination of a structured curricular philosophy with the flexibility needs of the homeschool family.

Families who register for the Mentor Program benefit from the expertise and experience of the staff of Ambleside Schools International, an organization which has, for over a decade, been successfully establishing Charlotte Mason-based schools in various parts of the world, and thereby educating thousands of children. Each portion of the coursework is integrated so that it provides consistent, thoughtful progress through grade levels and across subject matter. The complete curriculum is designed to work together as a sole unit; there is no need for additional outside resources.

Home educators who have completed or plan to register for the Ambleside Internship and Summer Institute may apply to ASI’s homeschool mentor program. The mentor program is available to parents educating children grades K-8. Please note that it will take Ambleside staff about 4 weeks to process an application, administer student entrance exams, and customize the coursework for each family before the school year can begin.

Member families receive:

  • Use of Ambleside Method curriculum.
  • Access to the ASI curriculum lists and curriculum store.
  • Supplemental resources such as schedules and sequences.
  • Science experiments and observations. 
  • Mentoring conversations with an Ambleside Method master teacher (30 hours total; 15 for Kindergarten).
  • Monthly AHS conference calls throughout the year for training and inspiration.
  • Assistance with exam preparation, evaluation, and oversight.
  • Standardized exams for math, grammar, and reading.


The Ambleside curriculum and resources are licensed for 1-school year for your immediate family’s exclusive personal use, beginning from the date of the final tuition payment.

Supplemental resources

Upon payment of tuition fees, ASI homeschool mentor program participants may access ASI’s teacher support sections of this website. Within you will find examples of student work, demonstration videos, and other teaching and learning resources used by professional Ambleside teachers around the world.

Master Teacher Mentoring

The homeschool mentor program provides individualized instruction, feedback, and training via 28, 1-hour telephone consultations (15 for Kindergarten) with an Ambleside master teacher during the school year. During these conversations, master teachers assist you in planning instruction for your children and offer feedback on your children’s growth. Mentors will be assigned to each family upon receipt of the balance of tuition owed. Additional mentoring is available at an hourly rate.

Exam preparation, evaluation, and oversight

Master teachers oversee the examination process twice each school year. They assist with writing exam questions and evaluating students responses; they also provide standardized exams for math, grammar, and reading.


$2750 per year (per family not student), books and supplies not included(15) 1-hour telephone consultations and follow-up support
First Grade - Eighth Grade
$4250 per year* (per family not student), books and supplies not included. (28) 1-hour telephone consultations. from September through May.
Plus monthly 1-hour group calls when the AHS families meet together to read, narrate, and discuss CM philosophy, ask questions, and share insights.
All tuition fees must be paid in advance before coursework can be prepared, a mentor assigned, and teaching manuals on the website accessed. *Books and supplies are not included in the fee. Ambleside Homeschool families must purchase the recommended materials, but it is not required that families purchase materials through the ASI inventory list. The mentors are available to assist each family and make alternate recommendations for books/supplies sources i.e. the library / used bookstores, etc. being mindful of the different financial parameters of each family.


Parents hold all schooling records and are the primary educators. As education related regulations vary greatly by state, parents are solely responsible to fulfill all legal schooling requirements. ASI serves as a consultant only and is not responsible to fulfill any educational standards or requirements.

For more information

Contact us and we will be in touch to discuss the benefits to you and your children.