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Ambleside and COVID-19

The coronavirus has come, and the nation is mobilizing. Not, as in 1941, to the Pacific seas, the deserts of northern Africa, the fields and the forests of Europe, but to home and “social distancing.” Still, in no way are we to make light of the current crisis. It is a matter of serious concern. Witness the images coming from Italy. While, thankfully, the disease seems to be much milder in children; many of us, myself included, have elderly parents for whom this virus would be a death sentence.


Recently one of your number sought my counsel regarding a young man whose relational guidance system is malformed such that he doesn’t recognize certain behaviors as being inappropriate or hurtful.

It is important to make the distinction between two different kinds of disobedience:

He Is Risen, and He Is With Us

Walking home from school, an eight-year-old boy rounds a corner only to find the neighborhood bully standing belligerently before him. Faster than consciousness, the body’s sympathetic nervous system kicks into high gear – blood pressure up, muscles tense (including knots in the stomach), adrenaline level spikes. All is ready for fight or flight.

Loyalty to the King

There is little, if anything, that brings such sweetness to the soul of devout Christian parents as their children’s allegiance to the risen Savior King. And, few things are so harrowing as the prospect that one’s child might abandon Him, who is the Source of all life and goodness. Thus, parents possessing a vibrant devotion to Christ cannot help but ponder the means of cultivating such devotion in their children. Children are a sacred mystery and their formation a sacred duty. How precisely is this duty to be fulfilled?


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