Internship Fredericksburg, TX

This is the forum for the Internship taking place on March 26th - 28th in Fredericksburg, TX at Ambleside School of Fredericksburg

Please post all things concerning this topic. Particularly if you are looking to get in touch and share lodging and cars. 


in experiencing Charlotte Mason's educational principles applied.

To learn more about Ambleside Schools, or to grow in the Ambleside Method, attend our 3 Day Ambleside Internship at Ambleside Fredericksburg, TX. 

Ambleside Internships consist of three days of training for the purpose of providing in depth instruction in the application of the pedagogical principles of British educator Charlotte Mason (1842-1923). Led by Ambleside staff, participants spend 16 + hours in seminar style reading and discussion of Charlotte Mason's writings; thereby, gaining a fundamental understanding of her method and philosophy of education. Additionally, the interns spend six hours observing in Ambleside classrooms, where they have the opportunity to witness Ambleside teachers apply Charlotte Mason's pedagogy across a variety of disciplines at different grade levels. Not only do these observations bring to life the seminars and discussions, but they allow interns to gain from the experience and engage in discussions about the observations with Ambleside's trained staff.

Accommodations (operated by Ambleside School of Fredericksburg parents)

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