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Title Author Description
Leonard Sax M.D., Ph.D.
What can research tell us about the latest video game craze?
Anderson Cooper
60 Minutes goes inside a landmark government study of young minds to see if phones, tablets and other screens are impacting adolescent brain development
George MacDonald
In the years since the end of The Princess and the Goblin, Curdie has managed to convince himself that the supernatural events of that tale were products of his wild imagination.
Ann Wroe
As more and more of our words are tapped out on keyboards, writing by hand has become an endangered species.
Joyce Sidman
Bugs, of all kinds, were considered to be “born of mud” and to be “beasts of the devil.”  Why would anyone, let alone a girl, want to study and observe them?
Katherine Rushton
Youngsters are becoming so obsessed with the internet they spend more time on YouTube than with friends as parents struggle to keep control of their online usage
Aleka Thrash
Some people say handwriting is dead. Maybe you've stopped and thought about it lately, maybe you've overheard other people talking about it or maybe you haven't considered it at all.
Steven E. Rhoads & Carrie Lukas
Raising a child in America is more expensive today than it has ever been — more than $245,000, not including college tuition, according to the USDA — and supporting a family often requires two incomes.
Simon Rodberg
Here’s Why It Hasn’t
Cal Newport
The devices have become our constant companions. This was not the plan
Ambleside Flourish
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Brett Arends
The findings are published in the December Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology