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Title Author Description
Graeme Paton
14 Mar 2011
Jennifer Jolly
Ken Sande
A five year-old child was sitting alone in a room with a marshmallow placed a few inches in front of her.
Nick Bilton
The Child, the Tablet and the Developing Mind I recently watched my sister perform an act of magic.
Flourish is Ambleside Schools International newsletter highlighting parents, teachers, principals, alumni and homeschool educators as they practice Charlotte Mason's philosophy.
Charlotte Mason
Charlotte Mason's book For Others or The Golden Rule For Others or The Golden Rule.pdf
Redeemer University College
Library Director Marlene Power and her team at Redeemer have recoded 31,000 digital documents  and moved them from an unstable online platform to a new digital home as the 
Dr. Bill St. Cyr
Dr. Bill St. Cyr Video series Maturity Dynamics of the Heart.
Leonard Sax
Your kids only eat fries? Run the show at home? It's on you: "Let kids decide" switched adult authority to children Parents Adrift
Dr. Travis Bradberry
Happiness comes in so many different forms that it can be hard to define. Unhappiness, on the other hand, is easy to identify; you know it when you see it, and you definitely know when it’s taken ahold of you.
Martin Cothran
Decades ago, most foods in stores were locally grown, left on the plant longer, and not only tasted better, but were better for you.
Kimberly Schaufenbuel
When was the last time you sat quietly at your desk and did nothing but think? How would you react if you observed a peer, employee, or manager doing so?