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Title Author Description
Leonard Sax
Your kids only eat fries? Run the show at home? It's on you: "Let kids decide" switched adult authority to children Parents Adrift
Dr. Travis Bradberry
Happiness comes in so many different forms that it can be hard to define. Unhappiness, on the other hand, is easy to identify; you know it when you see it, and you definitely know when it’s taken ahold of you.
Martin Cothran
Decades ago, most foods in stores were locally grown, left on the plant longer, and not only tasted better, but were better for you.
Kimberly Schaufenbuel
When was the last time you sat quietly at your desk and did nothing but think? How would you react if you observed a peer, employee, or manager doing so?
John Allen Quintus
A curious strategy common to most studies of Oscar Wilde is the omission of his fairy tales, prose poems, and, more often than not, his criticism.
Vigen Guroian
Fairy tale and modern fantasy stories project fantastic other worlds; but they also pay close attention to real moral "laws" of character and virtue.
Meagan Cox Gourdon
To curl up with children and a good book has long been one of the great civilizing practices of domestic life, an almost magical entry point to the larger world of literature.
Jane E. Brody
Excessive use of computer games among young people in China appears to be taking an alarming turn and may have particular relevance for American parents whose children spend many hours a day focused on electronic screen
Alfie Kohn
We live in a smiley-face, keep-your-chin-up, look-on-the-bright-side culture.
Alfie Kohn
Many educators are acutely aware that punishment and threats are counterproductive.
What would you say if you found out that our public schools were teaching children that it is not true that it’s wrong to kill people for fun or cheat on tests? Would you be surprised?
Frank Bruni
What’s the most transformative educational experience you’ve had?