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Title Author Description
The old ones are still the best ones
Scott Dannemiller
"It's like she's not even practicing."
New education standards emphasize technical reading skills over an appreciation for literature and the deeper values it can instill.
Alison Gopnik
New research shows that teaching kids more and more, at ever-younger ages, may backfire. By Alison Gopnik
Michael Mulligan
According to the social scientists, the last of the millennials are now gracing our high school campuses. The Pew Research Center report on this cohort describes them as "
Tal Gross
I settled on my New Year’s resolution while giving a lecture to 85 masters students.
Bill Harley
Here are some thoughts I’ve had for awhile about the nature of schools and learning.
Carol Heinsdorf and Debra Kachel
In 1991, there were 176 certified librarians in Philadelphia public schools. This year there are 11 and only five are known to be actually doing what they were trained to do.
Matt Killingsworth
What are the major causes of human happiness?
Steve Bradt
About 47% of waking hours spent thinking about what isn’t going on.
Sue Gerhardt
Why babyhood rather than childhood?
David Brooks
We’ve just witnessed the most heroic thing you will see this weekend because the biggest challenge in Mike’s life is leaving a podium. Wow. His fingerprints are actually – the nails – are still dug in here.