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Title Author Description
Carol Heinsdorf and Debra Kachel
In 1991, there were 176 certified librarians in Philadelphia public schools. This year there are 11 and only five are known to be actually doing what they were trained to do.
Matt Killingsworth
What are the major causes of human happiness?
Steve Bradt
About 47% of waking hours spent thinking about what isn’t going on.
Sue Gerhardt
Why babyhood rather than childhood?
David Brooks
We’ve just witnessed the most heroic thing you will see this weekend because the biggest challenge in Mike’s life is leaving a podium. Wow. His fingerprints are actually – the nails – are still dug in here.
Andrew Atterbury
SAN ANGELO, Texas - Concepts in education have created an unlikely link between San Angelo and South Africa.
Katie Arnold
Too much competition too soon is bad for your kids and your family Over the past couple of weeks, my husband and I have been wrestling with the decision over whether or not to play soccer. By we, I mean our two daughters.
Clyde Robert Bulla
The youngest in the family, Allen seems to be always running after his ever-active sister and brothers until he discovers the satisfaction of just being quiet and observing things around him.
Ruth Krauss
This book teaches the patience and technique of planting a seed and helping it grow.
Thornton W. Burgess
It's been a century since readers first ventured into the Green Forest to encounter Reddy Fox, Grandfather Frog, Jimmy Skunk, and other winsome characters. This special edition commemorates the 100th anniversary of Thornton W.
Marjorie Flack
Since 1933, The Story About Ping has captivated generations of readers, but never before has it been available in a mass-market paperback format.
Marjorie Flack
Trying to find the perfect birthday present for his mother isn't easy for Danny. The hen offers eggs, the goose feathers and the sheep wool. But mother already has those things. Then the cow suggests that Danny go ask Mr. Bear.