Ambleside Code of Conduct

Adult example has a profound effect on the formation of the hearts of children. Thus, Ambleside teachers, staff, and board members are expected to maintain a standard of personal conduct consistent with the teachings of Jesus on virtue and the relational life. All are expected to:

  • demonstrate consistent care for persons, treating all with kindness, respect, and generosity; never engaging in any behavior (including verbal) which would damage, disrespect, or demean another person, whether child or adult.
  • diligently fulfill all tasks related to one’s responsibilities, maintaining a high quality of work, honesty, and integrity.
  • be careful and gracious in speech, avoiding any profane speech and never making a public statement (in any medium, including e-mail) regarding the school or any member of the Ambleside community which can be considered injurious to the reputation of another person or the school.
  • avoid all illegal activities including illegal drug use, theft, vandalism, and fraudulent activity.
  • avoid activities destructive to relationships such as outbursts of rage, violence, stealing, lying, or cheating.
  • be moderate and appropriate in the consumption of alcohol, avoiding drunkenness and never giving alcohol or tobacco products to a minor.
  • protect the dignity of human sexuality and the virtue of chastity.

Failure on the part of any Ambleside teacher or staff member, ASI employee, or board member to maintain the Ambleside Code of Personal Conduct is grounds for dismissal. Failure on the part of any ASI member school to require its board members, faculty, and staff to adhere to the Ambleside of Code of Personal Conduct is grounds for revoking the right of membership with ASI and loss of all rights and privileges associated with membership with ASI.