Ambleside Schools

In the schoolroom I found the most utter peace that I have ever found in my life. It was the realization of the hopes . . . of supplying the children of the less privileged classes with mental food . . . the mind is the same in every human being; the mind of a little child born to the most ignorant man is open to the great things of the spirit . . . there the children were looking at us as persons . . . they listened and gave back the lessons they received, and I marveled at their intelligence and power, not only of narration, but of thinking and of stringing their thoughts together.

- Essex Cholmondeley, The Story of Charlotte Mason

Both ASI and local Ambleside staff share the experience recorded above: When students in home and classroom environments, regardless of economic or social background, embrace a “living education,” their minds and lives are transformed.

Since the first Ambleside School opened its doors in Fredericksburg, Texas, Ambleside Schools International has grown to a network of 21 member schools in the United States, South Africa, and Switzerland.  

ASI staff train parents, teachers, and administrators from around the world, sharing Charlotte Mason’s view of the person and her approach to education.

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