Ambleside Summer Reading and Discussion

In the educator's calendar, summer is the time to study, read and reflect. This summer members of the ASI community will read and discuss Charlotte Mason's Philosophy of Eduation. We hope that, by reading and discussing together, we will understand more of Mason's thought and learn from one another about applying her insights in our classrooms and homeschools. 

We begin this study as we begin all studies: by submitting to the text, allowing ourselves to absorb and reflect on the writer's intent. Once we have sought to understand what she says about relationships among knowledge, personhood, and authority, once we have endeavored to think Mason's thoughts after her, we begin to engage with her and with each other.

Our discussion will take place in an online discussion forum. Here, registered users can comment, share insights, ask questions, debate, and discuss. If you would like to join the conversation, sign up for an account. Access the discussion forum via the tab on our main menu, or here.

The schedule for our readings and discussion is as follows:

Though the text is available online, we strongly encourage you to purchase the 6-volume series.