ASI Fees for Services

As a non-profit organization, ASI seeks to maximize its impact, not its profit. More specifically as a Christ centered ministry, we trust in His guidance and provision. None-the-less, wise stewardship of this ministry requires charging reasonable fees for service.

ASI Member School Fees (USA)

New School Startup Support Package

Annual Membership Fees*
  • Less than 50 students
  • 51 – 100 students
  • 101 – 150 students
  • 151 – 200 students
* Subject to annual adjustment, which is normally tied to changes in cost of living.

ASI Member School Fees (South Africa)

New School Startup Support Package

Annual Membership Fees
  • First five years of school operations
  • School operations years six and beyond
R20,000 + 3% of tuition revenue*
3% of tuition revenue*
*Tuition revenue is the total income from collected tuition fees and moneys raised for scholarship in lieu of tuition.

ASI Training Fees

Available Services


ASI School

At School Site Training/Observation

  • One ASI staff trainer
  • Two ASI staff trainers


$ 2,000/day

Included in Membership


Charge for ASI staff travel days*

  • One ASI staff trainer
  • Two ASI staff trainers



Reimbursement of Travel Expenses

Cost of travel, lodging and meals

School responsible for lodging and local transportation


  • Advising school principals
  • Advising school boards
  • Curriculum assessment

$150 per hour

30 hours consulting included

Ambleside Hosted Training Events

  • ASI Internship (Individual)
  • ASI Internship (Group of 3+)
  • ASI Summer Institute



Included in membership