Teaching Degree in Charlotte Mason's Methods?

I want to get a teaching degree, but really want my training to be in this school of thought and wasn't sure if you had any suggestions about where to get training as a teacher? Whether any college would do or if there is one that is more CM minded?

We are so happy to hear about your desire to teach! It is a rewarding profession in which both the teacher and the student are growing!

In fact Charlotte Mason called it a , "twice blessed education." With regards to training. We recommend you stay out of the education department 

of any college. If you are interested in younger children, you might take a class or two on phoenemic awareness or language acquisition to help

understand the process of teaching reading in Kindergarten - second grades. 

The rest of the time could be well spent in studying in a liberal arts program or a program where you are interested in a specific area of study, science, history etc.

The joy of the liberal arts is the literature is so rich and sometimes in a degree of literature, you might read women's studies  and a bunch of contemporary lit.

There is a list of colleges that fall under this description and they can be perused here:

Inquire into schools which have a Great Books Program - this can be some smaller departments in a major university usually in an Honors College (my husband attended one)

This link below gives an extensive list of schools with Great Books Programs. I attended St. John's in Annapolis which this person states is the most pure form of the program. I enrolled 

last summer and took a course Politics and Society - if you would like to hear my first hand account-we can arrange a call. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was more than I hoped for .


If you look for a college and university that is described as a liberal arts program - this is a bit blurred and many of these programs can go under this description which do not read the classic works of western civilization.