Why is the Ambleside Homeschool curriculum unique?

The Ambleside Homeschool curriculum has been carefully designed and improved upon over many years. It draws on the work done by Charlotte Mason and the Parents National Education Union (PNEU), Mason's 6-volume work on education, and the PNEU timetables and coursework.

Curriculum is not simply a collection of materials and schedules for covering the materials in a set number of months. Mason understood curriculum as a link in the chain that connects to many other chains of cause and consequence.  She often exhorted the educator to envision the “growing person” who would grow in maturity with God, self, others, and the world through a broad and generous course of study. The Ambleside curriculum has been deliberately designed with the growing person in mind.

The Ambleside Homeschool curriculum combines “books and things” that are rich in ideas and provide instruction in both knowledge and skill. These ideas feed students' minds, enabling them not just to score well on a test, but to relate to and understand the world around them. The “books and things” that comprise the Ambleside Homeschool curriculum reflect how the mind works, how children learn, and how narrative language enhances retention.