Why are the Internship and Summer Institute prerequisites?

The Ambleside method offers an optimal --but unique in both philosophy and practice-- approach to home-based education.  

Charlotte Mason, consistent with the personalist tradition, asserted that a child is created in the image of God. Thus each child is relational. As a child relates to people, texts, and the world, Mason inferred, he or she learns and grows most wholly.

Drawing on Mason's philosophy and practice, the Ambleside method is built on a relational model. Even though children think and work independently, they do so within the context of relationship.

In the homeschool setting, relational learning usually takes place as a parent and child(ren) give focused attention to the discipline before them. They cultivate relationship as they grow in knowledge and skill. 

This philosophy and practice are vastly different from modern educational systems. Working within the philosophy, consistently applying the practice, and cultivating a habit of reflective practice are all approaches and skills taught in the Internship and Summer Institute.