How to Help

Spread the Word

For the children’s sake, Ambleside Schools International is seeking to foster a worldwide renewal in Christian education. We need your help in spreading the word. The best ways for you to do so are by listening, reading, watching, and helping us reach interested persons with the following:

  • Ambleside Flourish podcast (link).
  • Ambleside Flourish newsletter (link)
  • Ambleside blogs (link)
  • Introductory Videos to the Ambleside Method (link)

Send a Note of Appreciation

We all need to know that our labors are appreciated. As you have been blessed by Ambleside Schools International or by one of the local Ambleside Schools, please let us know. (contact us). Handwritten notes are particularly appreciated.


Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me.” We at Ambleside understand our work to be a participation in the continuing ministry of Jesus. As such, we are dependent upon God to lead, empower and make fruitful this ministry. Our job is to be faithful laborers; His to make fruitful. While the effects of prayer are a mystery, we are confident that prayer accomplishes much. Thus, we are dependent upon the prayers of the Ambleside community. Matters for prayer include:

  • The wise and effectual work of ASI staff. We have a dedicated team who give themselves selflessly for a worthy work. There is always more to do than can be done.
  • Direction, financial provision and added coworkers as ASI seeks continued increase in the resources it provides and the communities it reaches.

Provide Financial Support

In order to fulfill its mission, Ambleside Schools International (ASI) is dependent upon the generosity of those who believe in ASI’s work and contribute financially to it. As a non-profit organization with 501(c) 3 status, ASI accepts tax-exempt charitable contributions and provides an end of year donor receipt to those who contribute more than $250 in a given year.

Contributions are currently being sought to support:

  • The hiring of additional ASI staff.
  • Development of curriculum tools, including grade-level resources and training videos.
  • Scholarship funds for teacher and principal training.
  • Development of training programs and tools.
  • Funds to aid in new school development.
To learn more about supporting ASI, please contact us.  
Shop at Amazon Smile and Amazon will make donation to Ambleside Schools International.  

To learn more about supporting ASI, please contact us.  

Shop at Amazon Smile and Amazon will make donation to Ambleside Schools International.