Educating with the Brain in Mind Seminar Maryellen Marschke St. Cyr

"Charlotte Mason used the analogy as food for the mind as food for the body. What are we eating? What are our children eating? What is their mind food? Not just in the hours of school but in the hours of home. What are they feasting upon? Or what are they starving for?" ~Maryellen Marschke St. Cyr Educating With the Brain in Mind 

Maryellen Marschke St. Cyr M.Ed. A professional educator for more than 30 years, Maryellen St. Cyr has spent thousands of hours in the classroom and hundreds of hours observing other educators. Possessing a passion for a congruent, life-giving method of education, she has become one of the foremost experts on the "common sense" educational philosophy of 19th-century British educator, Charlotte Mason. Maryellen is a primary author of When Children Love to Learn and founder of Ambleside School of Fredericksburg and Ambleside Schools International.

Maryellen Marschke St. Cyr