Assistant Principal, Niwot, CO

Position Description:

Position Description: The Assistant Principal serves Rocky Mountain Christian Academy (RMCA) by providing support for growth at all levels. This staff member’s role will help the school live out the following mission statement:

Rocky Mountain Christian Academy
is a classically-inspired school community
where education is an Atmosphere, a Discipline, and a Life.
We are dedicated to inspiring students to a lifelong passionate pursuit
of truth, goodness, and beauty,
 and equipping them to impact their world for Christ.

In its 21st year of service to the north Front Range region, RMCA is an inter-denominational Christian day school that serves families with three educational programs: Early Education (ages 3 to 5 years), Elementary (grades K-5), and Middle School (grades 6-8). Find out more about the school at

RMCA is a member of Ambleside Schools International (ASI), an association of schools across the world dedicated to providing a transformational Christian education through the vision and writings of British educator Charlotte Mason. ASI provides teacher training and instructional support for RMCA and her sister schools. Find out more at RMCA is accredited through Accreditation International. Find out more at

The Assistant Principal will work closely with the school’s administration, faculty, staff, and parents to cultivate growth and maturity in children and adults. As a spokesperson for RMCA, the position will demonstrate a passion for Charlotte Mason-inspired classical and Christian education in one’s professional and personal life.

The Assistant Principal position will serve primarily in three areas: administrative support, community engagement, and institutional development.

Administrative support: The Assistant Principal will focus on working with the Executive Director/Principal and other support staff to complete short- and long-term projects as well as meet daily needs. The position will work closely with admissions and accountancy personnel and help develop the annual budget. The position will also help develop the annual calendar and assist other staff in planning and preparing for events.

Community engagement: The Assistant Principal will work closely with the Executive Director/Principal, Parent Community Association (PCA), and other stakeholders to provide venues for shared opportunities for adults and children to grow together. The position will  assist recruiting parents for volunteering and formation events. The position will also build relationships with members of the external community to help build RMCA’s presence as well as to serve community needs.

Institutional development: The Assistant Principal will direct and work alongside others in internal and external marketing efforts. This will include overseeing the social media schedule and messaging, working with current and potential advertisers, and web development personnel. The position will also reach out to current and prospective donors and alumni, building relationships to support the growth of the school.

Core Responsibilities

  • Articulate and live out RMCA’s mission and vision to all stakeholders
  • Support teachers and staff in planning and direction
  • Work with staff and PCA to provide opportunities for parents to connect and grow
  • Assist developing and coordinating school event schedule
  • Develop and maintain internal and external marketing efforts
  • Work with admissions and office for retention and new enrollment
  • Connect with previous, current, and potential donors to share vision

Job Requirements:

  • Confess a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Be an active member in good standing with a local church whose fundamental beliefs are in agreement with RMCA’s Statement of Faith and missional statements
  • Agree without reservation to the RMCA Statement of Faith and missional statements
  • Have 5+ years of administrative/leadership experience in a non-profit/education culture
  • Possess educational degree(s) that attest to commitment to professional growth
  • Able to attend professional training opportunities each year, including out-of-state travel

Job Position Details

  • This is a full-time position with a 12-month contract, renewable annually with performance review; reports to Executive Director/Principal.
  • The position offers a full-time salaried position. Insurance, tuition reduction for students, and retirement benefits are available.
  • If interested, please email a resume/cv and any questions to


Full Time