Starting on Ambleside School: Stage Three - Preparing to Launch

Securing the Five Practical Necessities for Starting a School

The practical necessities for starting a school can be secured in a variety of ways. ASI will share best practices that accord with the Ambleside/CM approach and that have proven to be successful. These five necessities include:

  • establishing key school leadership (full/part time principal or lead teacher)
  • leasing and preparing an appropriate facility and acquiring needed furniture
  • recruiting school students and families
  • hiring needed faculty and administrative staff
  • securing needed financial resources

As the opening of the school approaches, you will also need to:

  • Monitor and revise your financial plan incorporating vision, priorities and reality.
  • Purchae desks and chairs as well as other tables, bookshelves, decore.
  • Acquire needed curriculum (An ASI curriculum expert will guide through this process.).
  • Update your plan continually as resources are provided and challenges are faced.

An ASI consultant will assist, as your core team clarifies priorities and prayerfully works a viable plan leading to opening the new school's doors.

Now….the journey begins.