Starting an Ambleside School: Stage Two - Building the Foundation

Step One: Formalize the Relationship with ASI

  • Notify ASI, in writing, of your desire to start an Ambleside Member School.
  • Submit the Application for Member Schools.
  • Formulate the school Vision and Mission Statements, informed by resources provided by ASI. 

Step Two: Build the Tribe

  • Begin a Charlotte Mason study group to recruit, strengthen, and unify the core group around a common vision.
  • Invite others, beyond the core group, who may be interested in joining you.
  • Spend time praying together for the school.
  • Clarify the core team, those who are:
    • emotionally and spiritually mature
    • in agreement with Charlotte Mason's philosophy
    • called to the mission of starting an Ambleside school
    • knowledgeable of the Ambleside methods and practices
    • willing to contribute time, talent, and treasure to the effort

Step Three: Commit to Start an Ambleside School

  • Formalize, with both parties' concurrence, the partnership between your school and Ambleside Schools International.
  • Execute a contract with ASI and pay the startup fee.
  • Commit to a start date
  • Familiarize yourself with the ASI Educator's Site.
  • Ask ASI to register the domain name for the school.
  • Launch a website and Facebook page informing the community of your vision.
  • Meet with key constituents, including your board and your ASI contact, to assess:
    • the work to be done
    • a timeline for completion
  • Determine the grades to be offered.
  • Set the tuition.

Step Four: Begin Constructing the Foundation

  • Consult with your ASI contact on a consistent basis. We suggest that we construct a time line of key benchmarks that you and your team can use to monitor your progress.  
  • Study other resources provided by your ASI contact.
    • Among other items, these will include example applications for local incorporation, 501c(3), example bylaws, facility needs, and suggestions for board member selection.
  • Address the five needs of an Ambleside School: leadership, teachers, location, students, financial provision.
    • Note: It is not necessary to have all the needed resources in hand, but there should be a plan for all the needed provision and evidence that the plan is viable.
  • Continue to work the plan you have developed.

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