What Homeschoolers Say About Ambleside

Ambleside Homeschool students delight in discovery and friendship as they study biology together.

Enjoy some Ambleside Flourish newsletter articles written by our homeschool members and director!

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The following are comments from some of our AHS families:

"Mom, do you see how gracious I am being?" My 5-year-old looked up at me with soft, genuine eyes. Such a question from our son is a direct result of our training at Ambleside Schools International in Charlotte Mason's educational philosophy.  Because of this training as parents and educators, we have learned the importance of habit training. "Education is a Discipline." [We have] exposure to gracious characters in literature. "Education is a Life." [We have] an atmosphere of grace in our home. "Education is an Atmosphere." While we are still learning and making many mistakes along the way, ASI has equipped us with the necessary tools to parent and educate our children well.


Homeschooling using the ASI curriculum has been a huge blessing for both my children and me. Since we began, my children are making connections between what they learn, the world around them, and themselves. I see them thinking for themselves on a deeper level and discovering ideas in ways they weren’t before. Through ASI, I have been instructed in the educational philosophy of Charlotte Mason, trained in how to use her methods, and supported as I put them into practice in my homeschool. As a result, I have grown immensely as a teacher, a mother, and a person. 



Attending the summer institute has helped my children be more engaged in history, science, Bible, reading and literature.  It has made our overall learning experience so much more enjoyable and we are all getting so much more out of our lessons.  Adding citizenship and nature study has increased our learning and added the extra novelty with a punch that was missing.


Our family has home schooled for eleven years, experiencing a variety of curriculum for various subjects, each time hoping to instill a passion for the subject and for learning itself. This year, our first year of Ambleside Schools International, we have found this program to be more than just another curriculum, but a conduit to effective learning methodology and strengthening our ability to thrive as a family.


The literature and curriculum we are using this year through ASI is effective and delightful. But after returning from the Internship and applying the methodology I learned there, I am teaching more effectively and my children are more challenged, but enjoying the new standard of learning. We have delightfully found our daily rhythm which has brought our home a spirit of peace and grace. I can easily testify that this year has brought more learning but more importantly, more smiles and laughter into our home, than any previous year.


The ASI homeschool program has helped my husband and me develop a clear philosophy of education, and has taught us a clear method based on that philosophy. This has freed us from the morass of often conflicting and confusing messages to homeschool families. Through its excellent training and curriculum, the ASI homeschool program has freed me to focus on actually educating my children, rather than trying to "reinvent the (education) wheel" year after year. After almost five years of engaging with ASI, including through the mentor program, we can confidently say that investing in the ASI homeschool program has reaped dividends for our family life and our children's education.


What a true blessing and delight it has been to our entire family to be partnered with Ambleside Schools International! While we have been studying and striving to implement Charlotte Mason's philosophies into our homeschool program for the past few years, it really was not until we attended ASI's internship and joined their mentorship program that our homeschool truly came to life. Not only by way of the beautiful living books, resources, and materials that have been specially selected for each student in our family, but even more so in the transference and the immediate accessibility of Charlotte Mason's own ideas - and specifically, how these timeless truths and teachings can be applied to our lives (both personally and as a family) and in our homeschool program each week. I cannot express the invaluable blessing the mentor relationship has been to me personally, as a homeschooling mother, to work with someone who has gone before, in the home and in the classroom, who can provide guidance, knowledge, perspective, encouragement, and inspiration along this stretch of the journey in the life of our family.


As a struggling homeschool parent who felt lost and overwhelmed (prior to ASI), Ambleside has given me the guidance and tools to carry out an education that has enabled our family to grow closer together. Ambleside has introduced us to ideas that have changed the atmosphere of our home into a more productive, loving and peaceful place. In addition, the mentor guidance has greatly quieted my insecurities as a homeschool parent when it comes to clear academic direction, progress, and implementation. What a delight it has been to hear my children tell me that they now enjoy school!