Parents and Children (Vol 2)

It was through the efforts and expense of Dean and Karen Andreola that Charlotte Mason's Original Home Schooling Series was published in the United States in 1989.
It is with gratitude and permission of the Andreola's that Ambleside Schools International makes Charlotte Mason's six volumes available. (Link to the Andreola's).
Introduction to the Original Home Schooling Series (Dean and Karen Andreola)
Forward to the Original Home Schooling Series (John Thorley)

Chapter 1 The Family

Chapter 2 Parents As Rulers

Chapter 3 Parents as Inspirers

Chapter 4 Parents As Inspirers

Chapter 5 Parents as Inspirers

Chapter 6 Parents as Inspirers

Chapter 7 The Parent as Schoolmaster

Chapter 8 The Culture Of Character

Chapter 9 The Culture Of Character

Chapter 10 Bible Lessons

Chapter 11 Faith and Duty (Reviews) Parents as Teachers of Morals

Chapter 12 Faith and Duty

Chapter 13 Faith and Duty

Chapter 14 Parents are Concerned to Give the Heroic Impulse

Chapter 15 Is It Possible?

Chapter 16 Discipline

Chapter 17 Sensations And Feelings

Chapter 18 Sensations And Feelings

Chapter 19 'What Is Truth?

Chapter 20 Show Cause Why

Chapter 21 A Scheme of Educational Theory Proposed to Parents

Chapter 22 A Catechism Of Educational Theory

Chapter 23 Whence And Whither

Chapter 24 Whence And Whither

Chapter 25 The Great Recognition Required Of Parents

Chapter 26 The Eternal Child