Formation of Character (Vol 5)

Note From Susan Schaeffer Macaulay
Introduction to the Original Home Schooling Series (Dean and Karen Andreola)
Forward to the Original Home Schooling Series (John Thorley)

Formation of Character (Vol 5)

Preface to the Home Education Series


Part II Parents in Council


Part III Concerning Youths and Maidens

Chapter 1 Concerning The Schoolboy And Schoolgirl

Chapter 2 Concerning The Young Maidens At Home

Part IV "It is Written", Some Studies in the Evolution of Character

I. Two Peasant Boys

II.A Genius At "School"

III. Pendennis Of Boniface

IV. "Young Crossjay"

V. Better-Than-My-Neighbour

VI. A Modern Educator: Thomas Godolphin Rooper

Appendix Formation of Character (Vol 5)