Home Education (Vol 1)

It was through the efforts and expense of Dean and Karen Andreola that Charlotte Mason's Original Home Schooling Series was published in the United States in 1989.
It is with gratitude and permission of the Andreola's that Ambleside Schools International makes Charlotte Mason's six volumes available. (Link to the Andreola's).
Introduction to the Original Home Schooling Series (Dean and Karen Andreola)
Forward to the Original Home Schooling Series (John Thorley)




Part I Some Preliminary Considerations

Part II  Out-Of-Door Life For The Children

  1. A Growing Time
  2. Sight-Seeing
  3. 'Picture-Painting'
  4. Flowers and Trees
  5. 'Living Creatures'
  6. Field-Lore and Naturalists' Books
  7. The Child Gets Knowledge By Means Of His Senses
  8. The Child Should Be Made Familiar With Natural Objects
  9. Out-Of-Door Geography
  10. The Child And Mother-Nature
  11. Out-Of-Door Games, etc.
  12. Walks In Bad Weather
  13. 'Red Indian' Life
  14. The Children Require Country Air

Part III 'Habit Is Ten Natures'

Part IV Some Habits Of Mind - Some Moral Habits

  1. The Habit of Attention
  2. The Habits of Application, Etc.
  3. The Habit of Thinking
  4. The Habit of Imagining
  5. The Habit of Remembering
  6. The Habit of Perfect Execution
  7. Some Moral Habits - Obedience
  8. Truthfulness

Part V Lessons As Instruments Of Education

  1. The Matter and Method of Lessons
  2. The Kindergarten As A Place of Education
  3. Further Consideration Of The Kindergarten
  4. Reading
  5. The First Reading Lesson
  6. Reading By Sight And Sound
  7. Recitation
  8. Reading for Older Children
  9. The Art of Narrating
  10. Writing
  11. Transcription
  12. Spelling And Dictation
  13. Composition
  14. Bible Lessons
  15. Arithmetic
  16. Natural Philosophy
  17. Geography
  18. History
  19. Grammar
  20. French
  21. Pictorial Art

Part VI. The Will - The Conscience - The Divine Life In The Child

  1. The Will
  2. The Conscience
  3. The Divine Life In The Child