School Education (Vol 3)

It was through the efforts and expense of Dean and Karen Andreola that Charlotte Mason's Original Home Schooling Series was published in the United States in 1989.
It is with gratitude and permission of the Andreola's that Ambleside Schools International makes Charlotte Mason's six volumes available. (Link to the Andreola's).
Introduction to the Original Home Schooling Series (Dean and Karen Andreola)
Forward tot he Original Home Schooling Series (John Thorley)



Chapter 1 - Docility and Authority in the Home and in the School

Chapter 2 Docility and Authority in the Home and the School

Chapter 3 'Masterly Inactivity'

Chapter 4 Some of the Rights of Children as Persons

Chapter 5 Psychology in Relation to Current Thought

Chapter 6 Some Educational Theories Examined

Chapter 7 An Adequate Theory Of Education

Chapter 8 Certain Relations Proper to a Child

Chapter 9 A Great Educationalist

Chapter 10 Some Unconsidered Aspects of Physical Training

Chapter 11 Some Unconsidered Aspects of Intellectual Training

Chapter 12 Some Unconsidered Aspects of Moral Training

Chapter 13 Some Unconsidered Aspects of Religious Training

Chapter 14 A Master-Thought

Chapter 15 School-Books and How They Make for Education

Chapter 16 How to Use School-Books

Chapter 17 Education, the Science of Relations: We are Educated by Our Intimacies: The Prelude and Præterita

Chapter 18 We are Educated by Our Intimacies Part II.––Further Affinities

Chapter 19 We are Educated by Our Intimacies Part III.––Vocation

Chapter 20 Suggestions Toward a Curriculum

Chapter 21 Suggestions Toward a Curriculum

Chapter 22 Suggestions Toward a Curriculum

Appendix School Education

Appendix II School Education

Appendix III School Education

Appendix IV School Education

Appendix V School Education