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Note From Susan Schaeffer Macaulay
Preface to the Home Education Series
Preface to the Third Edition
Preface to the Fourth Edition
Home Education (Vol 1)
Part I Some Preliminary Considerations
Part III. 'Habit Is Ten Natures'
Part IV. Some Habits Of Mind - Some Moral Habits
Part V - I. Lessons As Instruments Of Education
Part VI The Will -The Conscience - The Divine Life In The Child
II. The Kindergarten as A Place of Education
III. Further Consideration Of The Kindergarten
V. The First Reading Lesson
VI. Reading By Sight And Sound
VIII. Reading for Older Children
IX. The Art of Narrating
XVI. Natural Philosophy
XX. French
Appendix A Home Education
Parents and Children (Vol 2)
Chapter 1 The Family
Chapter 2 Parents As Rulers
Chapter 3 Parents as Inspirers
Chapter 4 Parents As Inspirers
Chapter 5 Parents as Inspirers
Chapter 6 Parents as Inspirers
Chapter 7 The Parent as Schoolmaster
Chapter 8 The Culture Of Character
Chapter 9 The Culture Of Character
Chapter 10 Bible Lessons
Chapter 11 Faith and Duty (Reviews) Parents as Teachers of Morals
Chapter 12 Faith and Duty
Chapter 13 Faith and Duty
Chapter 14 Parents are Concerned to Give the Heroic Impulse
Chapter 15 Is It Possible?
Chapter 16 Discipline
Chapter 17 Sensations And Feelings
Chapter 18 Sensations And Feelings
Chapter 19 'What Is Truth?
Chapter 20 Show Cause Why
Chapter 21 A Scheme of Educational Theory Proposed to Parents
Chapter 22 A Catechism Of Educational Theory
Chapter 23 Whence And Whither
Chapter 24 Whence And Whither
Chapter 25 The Great Recognition Required Of Parents
Chapter 26 The Eternal Child
Appendix (Parents and Children)
School Education (Vol 3)
Chapter 1 - Docility and Authority in the Home and in the School
Chapter 2 Docility and Authority in the Home and the School
Chapter 3 'Masterly Inactivity'
Chapter 4 Some of the Rights of Children as Persons
Chapter 5 Psychology in Relation to Current Thought
Chapter 6 Some Educational Theories Examined
Chapter 7 An Adequate Theory Of Education
Chapter 8 Certain Relations Proper to a Child
Chapter 9 A Great Educationalist
Chapter 10 Some Unconsidered Aspects of Physical Training
Chapter 11 Some Unconsidered Aspects of Intellectual Training
Chapter 12 Some Unconsidered Aspects of Moral Training
Chapter 13 Some Unconsidered Aspects of Religious Training
Chapter 14 A Master-Thought
Chapter 15 School-Books and How They Make for Education
Chapter 16 How to Use School-Books
Chapter 17 Education, the Science of Relations: We are Educated by Our Intimacies: The Prelude and Præterita
Chapter 18 We are Educated by Our Intimacies Part II.––Further Affinities
Chapter 19 We are Educated by Our Intimacies Part III.––Vocation
Chapter 20 Suggestions Toward a Curriculum
Chapter 21 Suggestions Toward a Curriculum
Chapter 22 Suggestions Toward a Curriculum
Appendix School Education
Appendix II School Education
Appendix III School Education
Appendix IV School Education
Appendix V School Education
Ourselves (Vol 4)
Introductory - Chapter 1 The Country of Mansoul
Introductory - Chapter 2 The Perils Of Mansoul
Introductory - Chapter 3 The Government of Mansoul
Ourselves Book I Self-Knowledge
Part 1 The House Of The Body
Chapter I The Esquires Of The Body: Hunger
Chapter II The Esquires Of The Body: Thirst
Chapter III Esquires Of The Body: Restlessness And Rest
Chapter IV The Esquires Of The Body: Chastity
Chapter V The Pages Of The Body: The Five Senses
Part II The House of the Mind
Chapter I Ourselves
Chapter II My Lord Intellect
Chapter III The Daemons Of The Intellect
Chapter IV My Lord Chief Explorer, Imagination
Chapter V The Beauty Sense
Chapter VI My Lord Chief Attorney-General, Reason
Chapter VII The Lords Of The Exchequer, The Desires (Part 1.)
Chapter VIII The Lords Of The Exchequer, The Desires (Part 2.)
PART III The House Of Heart Lords Of The Heart: I. Love
PART IV Vocation
Chapter I The Ways Of Love
Chapter II Love's Lords In Waiting: Pity
Chapter III Love's Lords In Waiting: Benevolence
Chapter IV Love's Lords In Waiting: Sympathy
Chapter V Love's Lords In Waiting: Kindness
Chapter VI Love's Lords In Waiting: Generosity
Chapter VII Love's Lords In Waiting: Gratitude
Chapter VIII Love's Lords In Waiting: Courage
Chapter X Love's Lords In Waiting: Humility
Chapter XI Love's Lords In Waiting: Gladness
Chapter XII Justice, Universal
Chapter XIII Justice To The Persons Of Others
Chapter XIV Truth: Justice In Word
Chapter XIX Principles: Justice In Motive
Chapter XV Spoken Truth
Chapter XVI Some Causes Of Lying
Chapter XVII Integrity: Justice In Action
Chapter XVIII Opinions: Justice In Thought
Chapter XX Justice To Ourselves: Self-Ordering
Ourselves Book II Self-Direction
PART I Conscience
SECTION I. Conscience In The House Of Body
Chapter I The Court Of Appeal
Chapter II The Instruction Of Conscience
Chapter III The Rulings Of Conscience In The House Of The Body: Temperance
Chapter IV The Rulings Of Conscience In The House Of The Body: Chastity
Chapter V The Rulings Of Conscience In The House Of The Body: Chastity
Chapter VI The Rulings Of Conscience In The House Of The Body: Chastity
Chapter VII The Rulings Of Conscience In The House Of The Body: Fortitude
Chapter VIII The Rulings Of Conscience In The House Of The Body: Prudence
SECTION II. Conscience In The House Of Mind
Chapter IX Opinions 'In The Air'
Chapter X The Uninstructed Conscience
Chapter XI The Instructed Conscience
Chapter XIII. Some Instructors Of Conscience: History And Philosophy
Chapter XIV. Some Instructors Of Conscience: Theology
Chapter XVI Some Instructors Of Conscience: Sociology, Self-Knowledge
Chapter XVII Conviction Of Sin
Chapter XVIII Temptation
Chapter XIX Duty And Law
Part II The Will
Chapter I The Will-Less Life
Chapter II Will And Willfulness
Chapter III Will Not Moral Or Immoral
Chapter IV The Will And Its Peers
Chapter IX Intention––Purpose––Resolution
Chapter V The Function Of Will
Chapter VI The Scope Of Will
Chapter VII Self-Control-Self-Restraint-Self-Command–Self-Denial
Chapter VIII The Effort Of Decision
Chapter X. A Way Of The Will
Chapter XI Freewill
Chapter I The Capacities Of The Soul
Chapter II The Disabilities Of The Soul
Chapter III The Knowledge Of God
Chapter IV Prayer
Chapter V Thanksgiving
Chapter VI Praise
Chapter VII Faith In God
Ourselves Appendix
Formation of Character (Vol 5)
Part I Some Studies in Treatment
Chapter 1 The Philosopher At Home
Chapter 2 Inconstant Kitty
Chapter 3 Under A Cloud
Chapter 4 Dorothy Elmore's Achievement
Chapter 5 Consequences
Chapter 6 Mrs. Smedley's Tale
Chapter 7 Ability
Chapter 8 Poor Mrs. Jumeau!
Chapter 9 "A Happy Christmas To You!"
Part II Parents in Council
Chapter 1 What A Salvage!
Chapter 2 Where Shall We Go This Year?
Chapter 3 The A-B-C-Darians
Chapter 4 "Die Neus Zeit Bedarf Der Neuen Schule" (A School-Master's Reverie)
Chapter 5 A Hundred Years After
Part III Concerning Youths and Maidens
Chapter 1 Concerning The Schoolboy And Schoolgirl
The Playground
School Government
Girl's Schools
Home Training - Physical
Home Training - Intellectual
Home Training - Moral
The Awkward Age
Home Training - Religious
Home Culture - Books
Letter Writing
Reading Aloud
The Book for the Evening Lecture
Poetry as a Means of Culture
Table Talk
Asthetic Culture
Chapter 2 Concerning The Young Maidens At Home
Culture and Character
Liberty and Responsibility
Pleasure and Duty
Pursuits and Occupations
Objects in Life - Value of Special Training
Part IV "It is Written", Some Studies in the Evolution of Character
I. Two Peasant Boys
II. A Genius At "School"
III. Pendennis Of Boniface
IV. "Young Crossjay"
V. Better-Than-My-Neighbour
VI. A Modern Educator: Thomas Godolphin Rooper
Appendix Formation of Character (Vol 5)
A Philosophy of Education (Vol 6)
Author's Preface
Book 1, Chapter 1 Self-Education
Book 1, Chapter 2 - Children are Born Persons
Book 1, Chapter 3 - The Good and Evil Nature of a Child
Book 1, Chapter 4 - Authority and Docility
Book 1, Chapter 5 - The Sacredness of Personality
Book 1, Chapter 6 - Three Instruments of Education
Book 1, Chapter 7 - How We Make Use of Mind
Book 1, Chapter 8 - The Way of the Will
Book 1, Chapter 9 - The Way of the Reason
Book 1, Chapter 10 - The Curriculum