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Part I Some Studies in Treatment
Chapter 1 The Philosopher At Home
Chapter 2 Inconstant Kitty
Chapter 3 Under A Cloud
Chapter 4 Dorothy Elmore's Achievement
Chapter 5 Consequences
Chapter 6 Mrs. Smedley's Tale
Chapter 7 Ability
Chapter 8 Poor Mrs. Jumeau!
Chapter 9 "A Happy Christmas To You!"
Part II Parents in Council
Chapter 1 What A Salvage!
Chapter 2 Where Shall We Go This Year?
Chapter 3 The A-B-C-Darians
Chapter 4 "Die Neus Zeit Bedarf Der Neuen Schule" (A School-Master's Reverie)
Chapter 5 A Hundred Years After
Part III Concerning Youths and Maidens
Chapter 1 Concerning The Schoolboy And Schoolgirl
The Playground
School Government
Girl's Schools
Home Training - Physical
Home Training - Intellectual
Home Training - Moral
The Awkward Age
Home Training - Religious
Home Culture - Books
Letter Writing
Reading Aloud
The Book for the Evening Lecture
Poetry as a Means of Culture
Table Talk
Asthetic Culture
Chapter 2 Concerning The Young Maidens At Home
Culture and Character
Liberty and Responsibility
Pleasure and Duty
Pursuits and Occupations
Objects in Life - Value of Special Training
Part IV "It is Written", Some Studies in the Evolution of Character
I. Two Peasant Boys
II. A Genius At "School"
III. Pendennis Of Boniface
IV. "Young Crossjay"
V. Better-Than-My-Neighbour
VI. A Modern Educator: Thomas Godolphin Rooper
Appendix Formation of Character (Vol 5)