Summer Institutes

If the Ambleside Internship has inspired you, plan to attend the Ambleside Summer Institute!

In this intensive, 1-week immersion seminar, you will use a reflective practice approach to examine the philosophy of Charlotte Mason and the practice of the Ambleside Method. 

During the first half of the week, plan to experience what it is like to be an Ambleside student. Faculty will teach from the Ambleside curriculum, including science, history, mathematics, Bible, literature, grammar, composition, nature and composer study.

Together with faculty, you will reflect on what happened in the classroom. How did the teacher use the text? Encourage students to engage the text? Foster habit formation? Introduce inspirational ideas during the lesson? 

During the second half of the week, you will prepare and teach. Summer Institute faculty provide curricula, assistance, and supportive critiques. 

The institute also includes seminars in Charlotte Mason’s educational philosophy and the application of the Ambleside Method.

Cost: $1,400 per participant

Includes: Tuition, daily lunches, and 3 dinners. Additional meals, transportation, lodging, and miscellaneous costs are not included.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of an Ambleside Internship or ASI exception.

Schedule: Institute starts on Sunday at 6:00 pm and ends on Saturday at 10:00 pm. Please arrange to arrive on time and remain through dinner on Saturday.

Location: Hosted by 

To reserve your space or request additional information, please Contact Us.